Genesis Medical Management works with multiple medical practices helping them to improve their services to ensure they meet their full potential. One of the most important tools a medical practice can use to improve their services is an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software program. Since communication with patients is crucial to improved services, your EMR should also have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) component. Genesis Medical Management recommends Alleva for all medical practices specializing in behavioral health services, because it stands out above the others when it comes to an ERM. Let’s look at Alleva, to see what it can possibly do for your behavioral health medical practice.

Alleva began to specifically improve technology in the behavioral health space. The idea was to simplify and streamline daily tasks of medical professionals. Alleva’s mission is “to save and improve the lives of those suffering from mental health and addiction issues by supporting those that care for them through technology.” They also wanted to provide patients with tools and resources to help nurture their recovery. Alleva exceeds both of those goals by providing world-class software to the behavioral health community, to “help the helpers.”

Alleva Tools

Task Dashboard

smart to-do list ensures compliance throughout the whole organization, with notifications and reminders, task completion tracking, built-in note taking, treatment plans, clinical terms tools, and data templates.


visualized reports that make your data work for you, leading to better practices, less waste, and increased revenue. Daily pulse emails every morning show directors where to focus their day with current census, trends, and other vital information.


your portal interface reflects your brand and allows everyone involved in a client’s treatment journey to communicate in one private, HIPAA compliant virtual space. Clients, consultants, and loved ones can send messages, view calendars, join telehealth sessions, make notes, sign consent forms, and much more with desktop and mobile access.


integrated CRM into your EMR allows accessibility to everyone involved in a client’s treatment program. Time is saved with task management, call records, scheduling, and text notifications. Built-in eligibility and benefit verification automatically trace lead nurturing of clients.

Alleva App

the mobile-friendly interface increases engagement with reminders, scheduling, telehealth invites, assignment updates, and questionnaires all sent directly to your clients’ phones. Clients have the tools literally at their fingertips to view schedules, respond to telehealth invites, directly join video conferences, manage appointments, submit questionnaires, and update their assignments. Loved ones can link directly to the family portal to stay engaged, informed, and supportive of the client’s progress.


one of the tools that sets Alleva apart from other ERMs is the built-in telehealth feature. No more back and forth from calendars to client lists to video chat, the telehealth function is all built-in and connected. Auto reminders are sent one day before, one hour before, and fifteen minutes before, complete with a link to connect, improving the likelihood of attendance by 50%. Accessibility through the app, the portal, or by link for current or prospective clients and their family members makes the telehealth function a vital tool for the admissions process, increasing the likelihood of enrollment.

Medication Management

Another tool that stands Alleva apart from other ERMs is pharmacy-integrated medication management. A dashboard that simplifies and quickens the medication process all on one page, and updates patient charts automatically, saves time. The hospital-grade medications system will alert if dosages are incorrect, provide on-screen signing options for administrator and client, and interface with pharmacies to track medication readiness.

With all the proven tools provided by Alleva, it is easy to see why behavioral health treatment organizations prefer their EMR over any other on the market. Next week, Genesis Medical Management will discuss with Jackie Williams, Utilization Review Manager at Aspire Counseling Services, to see “How Alleva has Helped Aspire to Thrive.”

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