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Genesis Medical Management provides personalized healthcare solutions experts to large and small healthcare companies. Our business models have been developed and exercised in multiple markets while delivering profitable results to all clients. Our healthcare solution experts are engaged with all clients and projects, providing winning solutions. Learn how below.

Revenue Cycle

Our seasoned healthcare revenue cycle team delivers optimal results through process improvement, technology implementation, performance assessments, outsourcing and more. Genesis Medical Management creates a custom-built healthcare business solution to integrate and streamline an enhanced revenue cycle suitable for hospitals, physician practices, and other healthcare companies. You can rely on our expert Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Services that deliver and maintain a full-scale outsourced revenue cycle with continuous support to help navigate the client and staff through new operations and platforms.

Operations Management

Genesis Medical Management provides clients with healthcare solutions through our structured operations management team where we evaluate data, apply analytical models, study systems, and dissect workflows to unlock opportunities that enhance operations while improving care. We collaborate with providers and management to continually improve processes, manage workflows, and create efficient healthcare solutions that are sustainable for the future of the business.

Growth Strategies

As healthcare continues to expand in the United States, hospitals, and physician practices must grow efficiently and manage optimal performance while facing increasing financial pressures. Our growth strategy experts transfer decades of experience and best practices knowledge to implement new growth strategies, all while keeping both the provider and patient in mind. GMM has a tailored approach to help companies grow efficiently through revenue cycle, operations management, real estate development, medical coding/billing, human resources, recruiting, accounting, contract negotiations and more.

Real Estate Development

GMM has developed more than 500,000 square feet of healthcare facilities, working successfully with multiple physicians and facilities developing projects for many healthcare systems throughout the Western United States. We guide our clients through every stage of the development life cycle, from conception to execution, including planning, financing, construction, leasing and property management. With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare real estate industry, our principles’ knowledge and insight are unparalleled in the industry.

Healthcare Innovation & Entrepreneurship in the USA


Healthcare Entrepreneurship

Genesis Medical Management received the opportunity to redevelop and restructure an underperforming hospital in Central Valley California that was deeply in debt. During their time at the hospital, GMM instantly developed new growth strategies and business operations within the organization to remove annual expenses and restructure debt service payments within the first few years. With more cash flow in the following years, GMM turned to recruiting key staff and adopting new business models to bring the hospital to a new level. In the next year, the hospital turned profitable for the first time in over 5 plus years. After 3 years of restructuring and management, Genesis’s team was able to stabilize the business and sell the hospital for 11.5x EBITDA.


Yearly Breakdown

2011 – Removed over 1 Million in annual expenses in the first year

2012 – Increase in revenue of 20% through restructuring relationships and new operations

2013 – Restructured debt, dropped annual debt service payments in half, recruited key staff and adopted new business models

2014 – Hospital turns profitable!

2015 – Hospital is in the Green and Sold the hospital for 11.5x EBITDA

2011 in REd


2012 Revenue Increase


2014 IN Black


2015 Sold/EBITDA


Other Healthcare Services Provided

Medical Coding/Billing

Human Resources

Business Development



Contract Negotiations


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Contact Us

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4225 E. Windrose Dr., Suite 300
Phoenix, AZ 85032.

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