If you want your medical practice to thrive, then hiring a professional marketing company with the experience to make you shine is the answer. With a well thought-out marketing plan, and a team of professionals that can implement you personalized promotional plan, your business will experience more leads, a positive reputation, and a professional presence.

Genesis Medical Management spoke with a few medical facilities about their experiences with Citryn Marketing and the results. The various medical practices discussed a few aspects of promotions that Citryn was extremely successful in using to help their organizations to thrive. By developing a personalized, professional marketing plan, building and maintaining their websites, developing a social media presence, and using professionally formatted videos, Citryn helped these medical facilities to thrive and grow.

Aspire Counseling Services has used the services of Citryn Marketing for several years and have been extremely happy with the success they have achieved. Some areas where Citryn has really helped Aspire to shine is through the development of their social media presence and video productions. Citryn has produced numerous videos of counselors sharing valuable insights that are used to engage with their clients through social media. These messages have allowed counselors to share tips and skills with their current and prospective behavior and mental health clientele and engage with them in additional ways. Over 72% of the U.S. population actively engages in social media, and medical practices not using social media to engage with their clients are missing out on a great opportunity.

Central Valley Surgical Specialists discovered through hiring Citryn Marketing that developing an online presence goes far beyond creating a website. A website will do nothing to promote and grow your business if you are not generating traffic to that site, and then retaining those visitors once they are there. Having a good SEO strategy is essential to improving the quality and quantity of traffic to your website. With a great SEO strategy, your web pages will rank highly for searches relevant to the services provided. This means you are more likely to see an increase in clients from those website visits. Citryn has proven Search Engine Optimization techniques that are the primary pillar of their success to acquiring leads and brand awareness for their clients through many search engines, including Google, Bing, and more. This is the type of benefits Central Valley Surgical Specialists has seen since hiring Citryn Marketing.

Premier Pain Management discovered that content development has been extremely successful in driving visitors to their website to become clients using their services. By using compelling content that is informative and developed with the proper touch to enhance each campaign a business undertakes, Citryn has been very successful in converting website visitors into patients for their clients. Citryn has also helped Premier Pain Management to develop a strong, positive reputation by pushing and responding to reviews. With over 80% of patients using online provider reviews to make care decisions and assess treatment options, developing a strong, positive reputation is the lifeblood of your business.

Genesis Medical Management believes that choosing the right professional marketing company can help a medical practice to thrive and grow. Citryn Marketing has certainly proven that they have the experience and knowledge to help numerous medical practices to develop an extremely beneficial online presence and effectively engage with numerous clients through social media.