​Medical treatments are constantly changing. We discover new treatments regularly for a variety of medical conditions. It is important that doctors, clinics, and all medical facilities are constantly exploring new treatment options and resources that may provide their patients with improved results. Genesis Medical Management has witnessed a great example of willingness to explore various resources at the Ketamine Infusion Centers, and there is a new treatment that has been very successful for them and their patients.

Depression is one of the most common mental disorders in the U.S. with over 20 million people suffering from this mental disorder. There is also a physical connection between depression and pain, the same biological processes occur with both conditions. Approximately 50 percent of people with chronic pain experience depression, anxiety, or other mood disorders. Ketamine Infusion Centers uses a relatively new, FDA approved treatment that has proven very successful for their patients called Spravato (Esketamine). This nasal spray treatment has been approved for treatment of Major Depression Disorder and Treatment Resistant Depression. The best part of this treatment option is that it does not have the numerous side effects that typical antidepressants cause.

Researching and finding new treatment options that are proven successful helps not only patients, but it also benefits the clinics who provide the treatments. When clinics provide successful treatments, word of mouth spreads and more people seek their services. Ketamine Infusion Centers has extensive success with IV Ketamine treatments, and strongly supports using IV treatments because of the many benefits it provides. However, Ketamine Infusion Centers are committed to providing a better quality of life for their patients, and IV treatments might not be a good fit for everyone. Offering a variety of resources provides options for patients.

Spravato, an isomer of the drug Ketamine, bypasses the blood-brain barrier because it is delivered directly to the nerve fibers within the nasal cavity that connect to the brain stem. The active ingredients in ketamine nasal spray are “fast-tracked” straight to the brain. Once there, the chemicals bind to N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors in the brain cell, causing it to prevent other chemicals from binding to the receptor. The NMDA receptors that Ketamine binds to affect mood and emotions, which balances the brain’s neurotransmitters and provides immediate relief from depression symptoms, frequently within 24 hours of treatment. The process of Ketamine binding as an antagonist to the NMDA also relieves pain. This makes Ketamine an excellent alternative to pain medications and all their negative side effects, and another reason why Ketamine Infusion Centers has had such success with its treatment.

Genesis Medical Management encourages all medical providers to be innovative and seek out all the resources that may potentially help their patients. Follow the example set by Ketamine Infusion Centers and provide your patients with as many alternative resources as you can to help as many patients as you can. The key to success for any medical facility is to provide quality treatments to your patients that help them to live their healthiest life.