Today, healthcare organizations have an obligation to ensure they are providing transparency for their patients. Patients are demanding transparency when it comes to treatment options and costs, potential risks, realistic outcomes, and much more. To remain competitive, providers must offer patients with as much information as possible, ensuring transparency, quality, and safety are the focus. This information empowers their patients to make well-informed decisions about their healthcare needs. Emitrr provides a complete patient interaction and engagement software platform that guarantees patient transparency.

Patient Experience

One of the best indicators that a patient is pleased with their overall healthcare experience is when they recommend their healthcare system to their family and friends. Healthcare providers should welcome feedback from patients about their care experience, so they can adjust and ensure their satisfaction. Surveys after a provider visit are the best way to understand the patient’s experience. Those survey results can be shared on provider pages, instilling a sense of transparency amongst patients. Emitrr offers the capability to create dynamic surveys, which they can then distribute to patients, share digitally, and more.

Patient Reviews and Reputation

Patients are becoming much more demanding when it comes to their healthcare. Over 84 percent of patients use online provider reviews to help them make their healthcare decisions. Providers need to develop strategies to address patient satisfaction and to showcase their successes via reviews. Emitrr allows providers to request reviews through automatic text messaging after a patient’s appointment. Providers can also request personal protected information through manual text messages. Many healthcare practices have found this service to be extremely beneficial including, Linkoff Dental, Aspire Counseling Services, and Animal Wellness Center, to name just a few.

Text Messaging

Patient communication is the key to ensuring transparency. One of the most notable demands from patients regarding transparency is ease and speed of communication with their healthcare providers and trust that their personal health information is being protected during transmission. Emitrr provides practices with a HIPPA compliant texting software that stores all electronic communication in a safe, centralized system.

Educating Patients

Patients today want to be more involved in their personal health care decisions. They expect to be fully informed regarding treatment options, outcomes, and a lot more. Raising awareness and educating patients provides them with the knowledge and confidence to make these informed decisions. With Emitrr , healthcare providers can ensure they are regularly educating their patients through mass text campaigns regarding treatments, healthcare precautions, and shared success stories.

Complete Patient Interaction and Engagement Platform

Emitrr empowers healthcare providers to automate many of their time-consuming tasks and engage their patients on a level that was previously unachievable. By automating endless tasks, such as follow-ups, appointment reminders, review requests, scheduling, intakes, and more, healthcare providers can focus their time on growing their practice and providing quality service. Emitrr will provide the patient interaction and engagement platform that ensures transparency throughout all services: Reputation, Text Messaging, Phone System, Forms, Patient Engagement, and more.

Genesis Medical Management recommends that all healthcare providers implement a patient interaction and engagement platform, such as the one provided by Emitrr , to ensure they are meeting all federal and state requirements for patient transparency. To remain competitive within the healthcare industry, providers will need to ensure their patients feel fully informed and empowered to make their healthcare decisions, and Emitrr provides the solution.